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During the West Bengal Assembly Elections of 2021 which led to the establishment of the AITC led Government for third consecutive time, the whole nation witnessed, how a lady with broken leg on a wheel-chair, stopped the ruthless electoral juggernaut namely Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) along with all the money power, muscle power coupled with the agencies of the Union Government and a friendly media circle. This bitterly fought election, often touted as the toughest election that any political leader fought in recent times in India, showed that her charisma, power, grit and determination makes “Her” indeed the Tigress of Bengal and India as well. She created history being the first woman CM of Bengal, demolishing the 34-years of Left Front rule in the state and making it a hat-trick of winning three consecutive Vidhan Sabha polls with landslide victories. Not only her stint as CM of West Bengal, she previously served twice as Minister of Railways, the first woman to do so. She is also the first female Minister of Coal, and Minister of Human Resource Development, Youth Affairs and Sports, Women and Child Development in the cabinet of the Indian government.